‘This Is My Street’ – Kinks tribute album featuring Darren Hayman

I have just a couple of copies of this record on vinyl to sell.

‘THIS IS MY STREET’ – a compilation of Kinks songs performed by indiepop artists, released by Daytrip Records on the 16th of February 2018.

The album features 13 tracks by acts including THE CATENARY WIRES (AMELIA FLETCHER OF TALULAH GOSH/HEAVENLY), DARREN HAYMAN (HEFNER), THE SCHOOL, THE JUST JOANS and EUX AUTRES covering four decades of classic Davies songs.

A1– Cosines – Somebody Stole My Car

A2-Los Bonsais – Todo El Día Y Toda La Noche (All Day And All Of The Night)

A3- Just Joans – Picture Book

A4- The School-  Animal Farm

A5- The Sweet Nothings I’m Not Like Everybody Else

A6- Darren Hayman – Come Dancing

B1 Eus Autres – A Long Way From Home

B2- Stephen Todd – No Return

B3- Little MyAutumn Almanac

B4- The Wendy Darlings – Stop Your Sobbin

B5- Simon Love – Till Death Us Do Part

B6- Laura K –Victoria

B7- The Caternary Wires – Waterloo Sunset3:42

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