Christian Girls – Single

Christian Girls

Originally released April 2000 on Too Pure.

Released on CD and 7-inch with the b-sides ‘We Don’t Care What They Say About Us’ and ‘The Fear’ (omitted from the 7-inch), the single version of ‘Christian Girls’ represents the third recording of the song; having signed Hefner on the basis of its original recording, Too Pure placed pressure on the band to re-record it as a single. After recording ‘More Christian Girls’ (the same song with different lyrics), the band relented and released the final version of the single, which would subsequently appear on Boxing Hefner.

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Revelations! – EP



Originally released January 2000 on Top Dog Recordings.


Recorded live from one of the band’s Peel Sessions, Revelations! is a four-track EP of gospel covers, inspired by bassist John Morrison’s habit of playing tapes of gospel songs on the band’s tour bus. John himself selected the soul-influenced ‘Nobody Knows (The Trouble I See)’ and ‘Dragnet For Jesus’; Darren chose the folkier tracks ‘He Got Better Things For You’ and ‘Turkle Dove’.

Orphan Songs – EP

Orphan Songs

Originally released 28th October 1999 on Everlasting Records (Spain only).

Orphan Songs (or Canciones Huerfanas) features six previously-released Hefner songs collated solely for the Spanish market, including ‘More Christian Girls’ (the second edition of ‘Christian Girls’ with rewritten lyrics), ‘Normal Molly’, ‘China Crisis’, ‘Goethe’s Letter To Vic Chesnutt’, ‘My Art College Days Are Over’, and ‘Wicker Girl’.