The Green and the Grey – CD and Download

Released 7th June 2011

A special low price CD and download featuring 16 additional songs from the Essex Arms sessions.

The sessions for Essex Arms were unlike those for many of Darren’s records. Mulitple versions and many unused songs were recorded. We’ve collected the best on this low price CD and download

Songs: The Green and the Grey, Essex Arms, Nothing You Can Do About It (alternate version), No Undo, Cocoa Butter (demo version), Until We Got Bored, Beach Head, Sleep Through the Afternoon, Horror Video Nights, She Can Cook, The Winter Makes You Want Me More (alternate version), Spiderman Beats Ironman (alternate version), 0s and 1s, Sting and his Lute, Trees and Leaves.

Buy The Green and the Grey on CD for £7 (includes P and P)

Or buy the downloads from Bandcamp for £5