The Making of The Violence Part 3

A behind the scenes look at the making of Darren Hayman’s album ‘The Violence’

‘Impossible Times’ is a song from ‘The Violence’ a 20-song, double LP chronicling the 17th century Essex Witch Trials during the English Civil Wars.

Between 1644 and 1646, approximately 300 women were executed for witchcraft in the eastern counties of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

The album deals with fear and isolation, the way we use our own terror in times of trouble to lash out at the weak. It’s about how societies persecute otherness and outsiders.

‘Impossible Times’ is about how every generation tends to think of itself as being at the nadir of history. The end of the world has been just around the corner for centuries. The British of 1645 had more reason to believe this than most.

The Violence is epic in both concept and sound. The landscape of the Dedham Vale is bought alive by beautiful intricate woodwind scores, trembling strings and destroyed church organs.

The Violence is an outstanding creative achievement, a truly unique and unprecedented album.

“It’s about how violence frightens us and how fear just leads to greater violence,” says Hayman.

The Violence is released on November the 5th 2012 by FortunaPOP!