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There’s No Underground – Papernut Cambridge

Despite the fact that I don’t write songs for these records one of the most fulfilling projects I have been involved with in the past few years is Papernut Cambridge.

Papernut Cambridge is the brainchild of Ian Button who currently drums in the Long Parliament. Live, I drum for Papernut, but on record I contribute keyboards and saxophone and bits.

It’s just such a beautiful sound that Ian makes. One of those bands that exists in it’s own universe. The band features’s lots of other characters from my musical past including Jack from hefner and Robert Rotifer as well as artists as diverse as Mary Epworth and Ralegh Long. It’s a band made up of front people, but somehow it all works. This will make you smile.

The record can be bought as a beautiful 7 inch boxset with a download code included – 12 main album tracks plus EIGHT bonus/alternate and extended mixes exclusive to the vinyl version. There is also a super cheap CD version.

Here’s my favourite song of this year by Papernut Cambridge

Buy the Papernut Cambridge – There’s No Underground 3 x 7inch Set Direct from Darren (inc P+P)

Full Band Show 14th October with Withered Hand – Scala London

Written out the set for the Withered @witheredhand show. Put a few Hefner songs in. Bringing my fuzz pedal.

Recently with all the Occupation shows and odd train gigs and the like it’s been rare that I’ve got on stager with the band and just kicked out the jams. This is the only time for a while that I will.

Dandy – Free Download

In September 2014 I held an online raffle to win a song written by a dog of your choosing.

The raffle was in aid of the Manchester and Chester Dog Home, we raised over £1000.

John won the raffle and here is the song about his Harrier Beagle, Dandy.

Raffle. A song about your dog.

This is a charity raffle for a song written about a dog by Darren Hayman. The bloke that used to be in Hefner.

The raffle is aid of Manchester and Cheshire Dogs, who suffered an arson attack on their premises in Manchester this week.
The winner will have a song written for them about their dog, living or dead. Or if they don’t have a dog, an imagined or metaphorical dog. Darren will ask some questions, gather some facts and information from the winner.
The winner can chose if it’s a piano or guitar song. The winner can choose the key and if it’s major or minor. Then Darren will write it, record it. Put it in a sleeve, draw the cover and send it to you. (give him a week to do this.)
It won’t be a joke song or a left over. It will be good and Darren will work hard on it. He’ll sing his heart out. Each ticket will be £5 (or more if you wish).
When the raffle is over (Tuesday night 8pm). Darren will collect all of the emails, print them. Put them in a hat and pick one out. Maybe we’ll get an independent adjudicator or something.
Any questions? ask Darren or his friend Peter who organised this on twitter at @darrenhayman or @Pedro_Dee

Buy a ticket here.

Papernut Cambridge Album Launch on a Tube Train

As some of you may know, one of my favourite bands at the moment is Papernut Cambridge. I’ll admit they are friends and I also do get to play with them. I play drums live and on the record I contribute saxophone and synths.

They really are strangely familiar but also completely unique. Like all the best bands they create a magical world where only they exist.

They are about to launch their new record on a 3 seven inch boxset with free download. That’s the type of band they are.

The album is called ‘There’s No Underground’ and will be launched at a special show on a disused underground train in Walthamstow on the afternoon of Saturday 18th October. There are two different times you can book for due to the restricted nature of the venue.

I’ll be there, playing drums, singing my socks off.

Show 1: 1.30pm

Show 2: 4.30pm

Gig with Wizz Jones , Lexington 26th August

Planning a special set for this gig with the legendary Wizz jones curated by @petepaphides I’m bringing the modular synthesizer. Going to do stuff from the next two albums. My brief I have been given is ‘Psych folk’.