Occupation 9 – Rockets

In Hefner I wrote a song about Alan Bean, the fourth man on the moon.

In 2011 I held an exhibition of paintings about animals and people in space with Robert Rotifer, Sarah Lippet Paul Rains and Duncan Barrett.

We also made a CD on which I sung two songs about the Russian Space Dogs.

Around 2005 I tried to write and record 12 songs about each of the astronauts who walked on the moon. I wrote seven of them.

My own label ‘Belka’ is named after one of the first two dogs to go into earth orbit and return alive.

Several other song of mine like The Protons and the Neutrons use the imagery of the cosmos.

I want to bring all of these themes and songs together in one show on the 14th march at the Vortex.

Usually live I use stringed, folky instruments but I am also known for using electronica. For this show I’m going to bring some of my synthesizers and old analogue drum machines. It will be a treat.

Support comes from the famous comedian Robin Ince. Who knows about Space.

Friday 14th March – http://www.wegottickets.com/event/257492
With Robin Ince

The Vortex
11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ
Doors 8pm
£12 Adv



Darren Hayman’s Occupation is a series of monthly shows at The Vortex, Dalston. There will be a mix of sets showcasing different albums, themes and special guests. This is not your standard indie gig:

“I love gigs. I hate gigs.

I want to play live and I love what shows can be, but I’ve found myself frequently stifled by the limitations of my career. I can’t play the plush, seated venues and I can’t experiment with a string section or play 20 minute opuses.

My music was born in the sticky floored rock venue. I like the sticky floored rock venue but I have had a hankering for something different recently. My own taste has veered towards free improv and jazz and although it’s hard to imagine that music influencing my own I do love the culture of live music in this genre.

Long sets, sometimes two, comfortable venues and a reverence and respect for the event and the moment; less talking, less cameras, more dynamics, less microphones.

I wondered if these would let an indie rock interloper amongst their ranks. My show at the Vortex back in last November was successful enough to make me think of playing a monthly residency there.

The idea is that each show is themed. I don’t want to go the whole predictable route of playing complete albums, but rather group, types of songs together for different evenings. Experiment, sometimes play two sets, sometimes have unlikely guests. I will be playing with members of my bands from through out my career as well as old friends like the Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin.

The Vortex is a beautiful venue. I’m trying to do something different; something, smaller, prettier. I hope you can come.”