I Took Her Love For Granted – Single

I Took Her Love For Granted

Originally released 11th October 1999 on Too Pure.

The third and final single from The Fidelity Wars, ‘I Took Her Love For Granted’ was released on CD and 7-inch with ‘To Hide A Little Thought’ (omitted from the 7-inch) and a Jonathan Richman cover, ‘A Bellyful Of Babies’, as its b-sides. The single’s video, shot by John Hardwick, featured the band running through a south London park, apparently naked (but wearing nylon body stockings). ‘I remember John, the director, making us watch The Magnificent Seven before the day to get us into character,’ recalls Darren.

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Hymn For The Cigarettes – Single

The Hymn For The Cigarettes

Originally released 21st June 1999 on Too Pure.

One of Hefner’s most well-loved songs, The Hymn For The Cigarettes showcases the rockier sound the band would begin to exhibit in The Fidelity Wars. It was released on CD and 7-inch with the b-sides ‘Grandmother Dies’ and ‘Lisa And Me’, as well as a cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone’.

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The Hefner Heart – EP

The Hefner Heart


Originally released 22nd February 1999 on Acuarela Records.


Released on Spanish label Acuarela, this EP was the first on which multi-instrumentalist Jack Hayter played (although he is credited in the sleevenotes of Boxing Hefner). The Hefner Heart includes the tracks ‘Mary Lee’, ‘The Hymn For The Things We Didn’t Do’ (on which Jack can be heard playing harmonica), ‘Karen’, ‘The Heart Of Portland Oregon’, and ‘The Hymn For Thomas Courtney Warner’.

The Hymn For The Alcohol – Single

The Hymn For The Alcohol

Originally released February 1999 on Sticky Records.

The first single from The Fidelity Wars (although the album features a newer version), ‘The Hymn For The Alcohol’ was released only shortly after Breaking God’s Heart, in an attempt, says Darren, ‘to help my writing in some way to be clear of baggage’. It was released with the b-side ‘My Art College Days Are Over’, a hymn to burgeoning adulthood, on 7-inch.