The Fidelity Wars – Hefner

Slightly overdue but this is the vinyl re-issue for ‘The Fidelity Wars’ by Hefner. We are releasing it on 22nd Nov and accepting pre-orders now.

Long out of print and fetching silly prices on discogs this re-issue comes in black or blue vinyl, together with download. It remains many people’s favourite album of Darren’s. Odd and angular, it is a brutal reading of falling and out and in of love and contains his most well known songs.

The CD re-issue is almost as desirable with 29 extra tracks b-sides and outtakes.

NME – “‘The Fidelity Wars’ is a treasure and comfort for anyone who’s set out on the bumpy road to love, and gotten distracted by the scenery along the way.”

Pitchfork – “Lots of bands write songs about girls. Some bands don’t write anything but songs about girls. And then there are those select few bands that elevate writing songs about girls to a hallowed art form. If David Gedge (erstwhile Wedding Present leader and current Cinerama frontman) is the president of this club, then Darren Hayman, the cocky leader of Hefner, is surely the up- and- coming VP.”

Pre-order now, prices include P and P.

Please take care to choose correct worldwide location.

Vinyl sold out. We may repress though and they may still be some lurking in shops.

Fidelity Wars 2CD set with 40 songs including b-sides and unreleased songs