Hefner – John Peel Session 13.10.98 – double seven inch

“It’s all about sex with Hefner, isn’t it?” – John Peel

Hefner’s unique brand of lo-fi indie folk made them a staple of John Peel’s show in the late 1990s, when they often took high rank in the annual Festive 50 chart voted for by the legendary broadcaster’s devoted listeners. Released on vinyl for the first time, this is the group’s first Peel session, featuring a Beach Boys cover plus three early Hefner songs – and free downloads of the original BBC files and a set of postcards featuring early gig flyers designed by Darren.
The Science Fiction
I Stole A Bride
You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
Lisa And Me

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John Peel Session 7 inch pack

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John Peel and Steve Lamacq Session 2 x double seven inch pack

Hefner – Steve Lamacq Session 15.07.98 – Double Seven Inch

Indie favourites Hefner were to become regulars at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios with both Steve Lamacq and John Peel vying for their services. This is the group’s first-ever BBC session, recorded for Lamacq soon after the release of their debut LP; among the four songs is live favourite Twisting Mary’s Arm, which was usually the closing song of their live set. According to Darren Hayman, they intended never to record it but eventually relented. Gatefold package also includes free downloads of original BBC files and a set of postcards.

The Librarian
May God Protect Your Home
Twisting Mary’s Arm

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Steve Lamacq Session 7 inch pack

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John Peel and Steve Lamacq Session 2 x double seven inch pack

Breaking God’s Heart – Hefner – Vinyl and 2CD

Finally, a second repress of the debut album by Darren Hayman and his first band Hefner in time for the 20th Anniversary.

It’s like the original. It has ten songs on it.

The two CD version has 40 songs on it, including 30 b-sides and outtakes.

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Breaking Gods Heart Black Vinyl

Breaking God’s Heart 2CD set with 40 songs including b-sides and unreleased songs

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The Fidelity Wars – Hefner – Vinyl Re-issue and 2CD

Another repress for Hefner’s second album.

It remains many people’s favourite album of Darren’s. Odd and angular, it is a brutal reading of falling and out and in of love and contains his most well known songs.

The CD re-issue is almost as desirable with 29 extra tracks b-sides and outtakes.

NME – “‘The Fidelity Wars’ is a treasure and comfort for anyone who’s set out on the bumpy road to love, and gotten distracted by the scenery along the way.”

Pitchfork – “Lots of bands write songs about girls. Some bands don’t write anything but songs about girls. And then there are those select few bands that elevate writing songs about girls to a hallowed art form. If David Gedge (erstwhile Wedding Present leader and current Cinerama frontman) is the president of this club, then Darren Hayman, the cocky leader of Hefner, is surely the up- and- coming VP.”

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Fidelity Wars Black Vinyl

Fidelity Wars 2CD set with 40 songs including b-sides and unreleased songs

The Greater Electric by The Great Electric (vinyl)

The Great Electric return with their second full-length album The Greater Electric, released on WIAIWYA on 1st Oct 2021.

Darren Hayman from Hefner plays keyboards and saxophone on this record and is also a co-writer on all songs.

Recorded in and around their native South London, this record sees the band building upon their love of sound collage, improvisation and cut-and-paste recording techniques.

The record sees the band build upon the first album’s motorik psychedelia, with the palette of influences on this record expanded to include early Simple Minds, ambient pioneer Hirosmi Yoshimura, and the avant-pop of Franco Battiato.

2020’s enforced remote collaboration was no huge change in process for the band, as it’s an approach they’ve always thrived upon since their inception. Large sections of the record were recorded individually before being passed between home studios, where individual parts were layered in before being passed on, Chinese Whispers-style.

HARKONEN, the 25-minute album opener, was shaped from hours of extended improvisation, including long sections recorded live with Damo Suzuki of Can. As it evolves, the track veers between textured motorik rigidity, dreamy psychedelia, pulsating psych-rock, and bitcrushed noise to the extent the pressing plant asked if the mix was supposed to sound like that.

Elsewhere the band showcase shorter, more immediate pop songs such as the triumphant optimism of VanDen Plas. The track builds continually, welding a celestial ensemble of Michael Rother-inspired guitar textures and layers of analogue synth melody.

The Red Forest combines the textual interplay of vibraphone and piano with the rigid timekeeping of a drum machine, building to a Foxtrot-era Genesis crescendo drenched in layers of Fripp-ian fried cosmic fuzztone.

Elsewhere, Jogging imagines the motorik sound presented in an alternative universe where vast stadium audiences clap along Radio Ga-Ga style, while Afterburner fizzes with layered, woozy Ry Cooder-meets-Eno intertwined guitar and synth melodies.

With The Greater Electric, the band have combined an even wider palette of influences reaching far back into the historical canon of motorik psychedelia that they showcased on their 2017 debut The Great Electric, but it’s an album whose immersive production feels firmly rooted in the second decade of the 21st century, and rewards consumption in a single sitting.

About The Great Electric

Featuring alumni of bands as diverse as Kenickie, Hefner, Mum and Dad and Go-Kart Mozart, The Great Electric need little in the way of introduction.

Formed back in the winter of 2012, after a debut EP on the Static Caravan imprint, the band released their self-titled debut album on the ever-reliable WIAIWYA imprint in 2017 to critical acclaim.

The band’s sound is shaped by a shared love of classic German electronic and progressive acts of the 1970s coupled with the pop music sensibilities, hooks and production of 90s groups such as Stereolab, Quickspace, Pram and Electric Sound of Joy.

The Greater Electric represents their first new material in three years, recorded in and around South London.

Pete Gofton – Production + Bass guitar | Malcolm Doherty – Guitars | Darren Hayman – Synths + saxophone | Rob Hyde – Drums


“A record to get lost in, its undeniable charms gently revealing themselves on repeat listens”
For The Rabbits

‘A star-hopping cosmic ride on a sonic surfboard fused of equal parts La Dusseldorf and Silver Apples’
The Sunday Experience

released October 8, 2021

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The Greater Electric

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We Love The City – Hefner – Vinyl Re-issue

Hefner’s third long player, We Love The City was initially released on 16th October 2000 and will be getting a vinyl re-issue (on cult indie label wiaiwya) on 18 Feb 2022. Available on black.

On 26th August 2000 Good Fruit, the first single to be taken from the album, peaked at number 50 in the ACTUAL charts

28th October 2000 the album peaked at number 92 in the album charts

And four tracks from We Love The City made it to Peel’s Festive 50 at the end of the year:

The Greedy Ugly People #7

The Day That Thatcher Dies #12

Good Fruit #15

Painting And Kissing #44

“We Love the City was Hefner’s commercial and creative peak.

Having cleared a large backlog of songs on the band’s first two albums and various B-sides, for their third Darren Hayman wrote a new set of songs, loosely themed around love in the capital city. We Love The City eschews the band’s former broken indie-folk sound in favour of a bouncy, urban, blue-eyed soul, and an expanded line up including Hammond organs, Wurlitzer pianos and brass sections.

Songs like ‘Greedy Ugly People’, ‘Good Fruit’, ‘Painting and Kissing’ and ‘The Day that Thatcher Dies’ are typical examples of the direct, infectious, intelligent style that endeared Hefner to so many. The album’s narrative is conceptual and played out by a retinue of vividly drawn characters, but at heart this is Hayman’s most personal and focussed work.

Always championed by John Peel, promotion for this album culminated in a full, real time performance show session, broadcast live from BBC Maida Vale (now available elsewhere as the album Maida Vale).”

Simon Tyers – The Line Of Best Fit

Make no mistake, this band is adored – maybe some people like nothing better than listening to ditties about characters whose personal life is far worse than their own.

Alan Woodhouse, NME

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We Love the City Black Vinyl (including download)

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Music To Watch News By – Darren Hayman – Download only

I like music that has a purpose. These instrumentals were composed with a guitar in my hand whilst watching the news. I wanted to not engage fully. The purpose of the music is to distract. You can watch the news with the sound down anyway. There’s one tune for every day of the week. I hope this is useful to you in some way.

All instruments by Darren Hayman, except Saturday, which features viola by James Topham.

There is also a video for every tune.

The Doll’s House Room

Recorded in the last two weeks of May 2020 during lockdown.

My intention was to make something in lockdown that didn’t sound as though it was recorded in lockdown. Something that was open, loud and free sounding.

Recorded in the Doll’s House room at Darren’s parents house. Misha and Jon’s parts recorded at Misha’s flat and Jon’s studio, One Cat Studio.

Darren Hayman – Voice, Rickenbacker 620, Jen SX 1000, Fender Bass
Jonathan Clayton – Drums
Misha Chylkova – Voice on “Better Off Dead”

Available on download through Bandcamp.

01 Men Die First
02 Better Off Dead
03 Make a Home
04 Me and You
05 My Hand, My Heart
06 Dead Summer

Home Time – Darren Hayman


Darren Hayman
returns with the new album Home Time, due out on 22nd May via Fika Recordings. An autobiographical album about break ups, the record is tender, honest and frequently funny. Darren set an 8 track, acoustic rule for the record. Everything sounds warm, close and intimate. Darren’s own love-worn, London voice is joined on every song by the sweet antipodean tones of Hannah Winter and Laura K, recording artists and songwriters themselves with Common or Garden and Fortitude Valley.

When Darren Hayman made his debut in 1997 with the acclaimed indie band Hefner his lyrical remit was the broken hearted. His early songs told the story of the lonesome and lost, and broken dreams of love on the back streets of London. After Hefner, Hayman’s palette grew to include a unique take on place and memory. In the early 2000s he wrote a trilogy of albums around the history of Essex. In 2012 he made an instrumental album describing the tranquillity of Lidos. In 2016 Darren was awarded ‘Hardest Working Musician’ by the Association of Independent Music for his epic project on Thankful Villages, the 55 villages that survived the Great War with no casualties. His most recent record, 12 Astronauts, tells the personal story of the only men to have walked on the Moon.

Darren is continually obsessed with the idea of what songs can be, and the stories they can tell. As he explains, “With projects like Thankful Villages, I became interested in what a record could be, using field recordings, interviews and songs to make sound collages. I wanted to return to the stricter art of song writing and try and make the twelve best compositions I could. I wanted to make useful songs, words that could be comfort, not just thoughts that would depress.”

The songs for Home Time were written over a three-year period but recorded quickly, and with love, in Darren’s home. Home Time is a fragile, subtle slice of prettiness. Wrap it around you.

Three digital singles will be released; ‘I Tried and I Tried and I Failed’, a song about the endless, circular nature of being human, ‘I Was Thinking About You’, a song about the uncontrollable nature of memory and how it continues to haunt us even when we consider the long buried, and ‘The Joint Account’, about how when trying to negotiate matters of the heart and mind, it is sometimes the physical objects that anchor us down in the mire.

A baby sister album I Can Travel Through Time with ten one-minute songs squeezed on a seven inch is coming out alongside it on the Formosa Punk label.

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Vinyl (including download)


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