Brockwell Park

When we put out Lido we asked to make us videos.

Graeme Patterson said he would but that it would take a while. He only just finished.

Don’t let this slightly mistimed piece of marketing put you off.

More of Graeme’s art can be found here…


Physical Copies of Lido on CD and Vinyl have now sold out.


Or buy on download here from Bandcamp for £7.

Field Recordings for Lido

I recently made an album of instrumentals about open air swimming pools.

I thought it would be interesting to embed into the recordings actual recordings of the Lidos themselves and in some cases recordings of the locations where the Lidos used to be (Brentwood and Purley Way).

I thought it would be fun to release these recordings on their own. It’s hard to imagine of what use they would be to anyone. However last year I bought a record of catering announcements on trains and I really enjoyed listening to it.

Sound has the ability to transport. Maybe these recordings will take you to a Lido. In your head at least.


Darren Hayman 13, October 2012

released 13 October 2012

Field recordings by Darren Hayman, Johnny Lamb, JG Smeaton, Dan Mayfield and Patrick Morrison.