More Break Up Songs by New Starts

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Darren has formed a new band with Giles (bass), Joely (guitar) and Will (drums).

“I wanted to have a band that’s like a first band when you’re young. Where you work out how you sound together by embracing four different personalities. I went full Tin Machine’

The album is recorded live with just two guitars, drums, bass and vocals. It is the most rocking Darren has ever sounded.

First single ‘Under the Striplights’ is out on streaming platforms already, shake a leg.

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Buy New Starts More Break Up Songs on CD

Buy New Starts More Break Up Songs

snö – Various Artists – 3CD set

Darren Hayman and John F Morrison reunite for their first ‘French’ track in over twenty years. Jack Hayter also contributes to this 3 CD compilation of Winter ambient music.

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Sno – triple CD – Various Artists

Lido – Record Store Day Vinyl Re-issue 2023

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We have re-issued my instrumental album based on open air swimming pools for Record Store Day 2023. It’s an all new package with new art, clear vinyl and a beautiful booklet with all my paintings in it.

I have just 60 copies of this, order quick!

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Lido Vinyl (including download)

You Will Not Die – Darren Hayman – released 4th November 2022

“You Will Not Die” from Darren Hayman
4th November 2022 on double vinyl & double CD from Fika Recordings

Following a stream of thematic and conceptual albums over the last 15 years Darren Hayman has recently returned to a more introspective, personal kind of music. Darren received critical praise, awards and government grants for albums about the witch trials in the English Civil War; the mid 20th-century boom in new towns; forgotten rural communities; and the political writings of William Morris.

“You Will Not Die is about relationships of all kinds beginning and ending, but it’s also about our interior lives and how we process change as we get older. I was thinking about mortality and the temporariness of everything but also thinking of that fragility as a very beautiful thing to try and put into music.”

“I think of this record as taking place at night, in contrast to the daytime setting of Home Time. This is an album about empty dance floors, lacklustre parties and lonely night buses home.” The record is entirely electronic and recorded on Darren’s collection of ’70s synthesisers. “These instruments themselves are very fragile and mortal, they corrode and decay and behave in erratic ways. They do however, remain alive, for now.”

Darren is the only musician on the album and the music conforms to a strict set of self-imposed rules; only one voice, only 12 tracks, only one polyphonic instrument. ̈Through this control and limited palette I found new melodies and structures. I wanted these old machines to guide me towards my most human record. ̈

‘A Real Human Being’ is inspired by Darren’s experience of life drawing. “Modern life encourages us to reduce people to images, jokes, memes. In life drawing, you’re treating the person as a form, watching where the light and shadows fall, and then you’re reminded that they are real, alive.”

In ‘No Lime for the Gin’, a group of old friends is reunited in middle age, holding a half-hearted party where the talk is dominated by their hopes and broken dreams. ‘Turn My Grey Tick Blue’ is a wry look at the anxieties of dating in the digital age.

‘You Were Always Here’ ends the album on an optimistic note. Finding love late in life, the narrator ruminates on how the bad things happened for a reason, and that perhaps we always end up where we’re supposed to be.

“In recent years my life has had its own upheavals and it would seem weird not to have this emerge in my music,” says Darren. Home Time (2020) was a bright, acoustic, set of songs but was, at its heart, a break- up album. “I wanted to make fun of myself and of this kind of record.”

You Will Not Die is a much slower and more brooding voyage through similar waters. It is a seductive, soulful collection of songs and instrumentals that sits among Darren’s most emotive and intelligent work.

“bold and unique” The Sunday Times
“Hayman has hit a creative purple patch… a treat” Mojo
 “uniquely intimate and very satisfying” BBC

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Double Vinyl (including download)

Double CD

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Hefner – Dead Media vinyl re-issue

Hefner’s fourth long player, Dead Media was initially released on 24th September 2001 and will be getting a vinyl re-issue (on cult indie label wiaiwya) on 13 May 2022. Available on black and green vinyl.

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Dead Media Black Vinyl (including download)

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Dead Media Green Vinyl (including download)

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We Love The City – Hefner – Vinyl Re-issue

Hefner’s third long player, We Love The City was initially released on 16th October 2000 and will be getting a vinyl re-issue (on cult indie label wiaiwya) on 18 Feb 2022. Available on black.

On 26th August 2000 Good Fruit, the first single to be taken from the album, peaked at number 50 in the ACTUAL charts

28th October 2000 the album peaked at number 92 in the album charts

And four tracks from We Love The City made it to Peel’s Festive 50 at the end of the year:

The Greedy Ugly People #7

The Day That Thatcher Dies #12

Good Fruit #15

Painting And Kissing #44

“We Love the City was Hefner’s commercial and creative peak.

Having cleared a large backlog of songs on the band’s first two albums and various B-sides, for their third Darren Hayman wrote a new set of songs, loosely themed around love in the capital city. We Love The City eschews the band’s former broken indie-folk sound in favour of a bouncy, urban, blue-eyed soul, and an expanded line up including Hammond organs, Wurlitzer pianos and brass sections.

Songs like ‘Greedy Ugly People’, ‘Good Fruit’, ‘Painting and Kissing’ and ‘The Day that Thatcher Dies’ are typical examples of the direct, infectious, intelligent style that endeared Hefner to so many. The album’s narrative is conceptual and played out by a retinue of vividly drawn characters, but at heart this is Hayman’s most personal and focussed work.

Always championed by John Peel, promotion for this album culminated in a full, real time performance show session, broadcast live from BBC Maida Vale (now available elsewhere as the album Maida Vale).”

Simon Tyers – The Line Of Best Fit

Make no mistake, this band is adored – maybe some people like nothing better than listening to ditties about characters whose personal life is far worse than their own.

Alan Woodhouse, NME

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Trains by Darren Hayman (CD)

I’ve tried a couple of times to group together some train related songs. Recently I was asked to write a song about my favourite train which is the Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit. I like it because you can see out of the front window.

Making this song inspired me to revisit some old train songs I had and prepare them for release.

The picture disk has sold out from me but I still have the CD version with 8 new songs.

Here’s a video for ‘Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit’.

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