Songs for Harmonium and Drum Machine

Songs for Harmonium and Drum Machine

Originally released December 2008 on p572 Records.   p572 records, run by Samuel Murdock, is a Canadian label based in Quebec. When Samuel suggested Darren make a conceptual EP to be released on vinyl, Darren wrote four songs about some of the actors forming the 1980s brat pack: Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy.

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Table For One – The Dessert Menu – mini-album

Table For One - The Dessert Menu

Originally released 12th March 2007 on Track & Field.

A mini-album of 6 tracks from the Table for One sessions, five of them unreleased; but they’re not outtakes. They’re better than outtakes.

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The Stereo Morphonium

Originally released 22nd August, 2005.

Darren describes the Stereo Morphonium, a spin-off band formed with his friend Joel Neumatic, as ‘weird freak-out synth rock with no vocals’. They played ‘two fairly hilarious shows’, and their EP, consisting of the tracks ‘The Stereo Morphonium’, ‘Pigeon Box’, ‘Gemini 6’, ‘Plight of the Manhattanite’, and ‘Ozmodiar’, remains available to buy.

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Cortinaland – EP


Originally released 18th July 2005 on Acuarela Records.


A five-track EP, Cortinaland consists of tracks taken from Darren’s first solo album ‘Table For One’. Marking a folkier departure from The French’s synths and drum machines, tracks include ‘Leave Your Shoes On’, ‘The Light In Her Room’ (featuring Antony from Hefner on backing vocals and percussion), ‘Crissy M’, the political ‘Little Democracies’, and ‘A Different Kind of Me’, featuring guitar from Dave Watkins.
Originally released 5th October 1998.


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Alan Bean – single

Alan Bean CD1

Alan Bean CD2


Originally released 27th August 2001


A song about the fourth man to walk on the moon (‘the Ringo Starr of astronauts’, as Darren puts it), ‘Alan Bean’ was released on 2 CDs, the first including the b-sides ‘Horror Show’ (intended ‘to sound a bit like Missy Elliot’s “Supa Dupa Fly”’, claims Darren) and ‘A Better Man’ (a duet with Amelia Fletcher), the second alongside ‘Just Take Care’, and ‘Charlie Girl’ (with a drum loop ‘sampled from someone so incredibly famous I couldn’t possibly mention’). The 7-inch includes two remixes by Rothko and Munit.


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Good Fruit – Single

Good Fruit

Originally released 14th August 2000.

‘Our most successful song from our most successful album’, muses Darren. Featuring vocals from Amelia Fletcher (whose indie pedigree includes Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap), the single achieved substantial radio play and was packaged as a 2 CD edition: disc 1 included the home-recorded b-sides, ‘Jubilee’ and the instrumental ‘Blackhorse Road’, while disc 2 featured ‘I Will Make Her Love Me’ and ‘Seafaring’. The 7-inch included two remixes by The Wisdom of Harry and Piano Magic.

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The Greedy Ugly People – Single

Greedy Ugly People

Originally released 2nd October 2000.

Darren’s favourite Hefner song for its ‘simplicity of lyric and sentiment, but done in an original way’. The double CD edition featured, on CD-1, the b-sides ‘Milkmaids’ and ‘Kate Cleaver’s House’, and ‘Everything’s Falling Apart’ and ‘Don’t Give Up On Us Babe’ (a David Soul cover) on CD-2, while the 7-inch included two remixes by Baxendale (a band previously released by Darren on his now-defunct label Evil World) and Electric Sound of Joy. A rare twelve-inch also exists featuring a longer version of Baxendale’s mix.

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Christian Girls – Single

Christian Girls

Originally released April 2000 on Too Pure.

Released on CD and 7-inch with the b-sides ‘We Don’t Care What They Say About Us’ and ‘The Fear’ (omitted from the 7-inch), the single version of ‘Christian Girls’ represents the third recording of the song; having signed Hefner on the basis of its original recording, Too Pure placed pressure on the band to re-record it as a single. After recording ‘More Christian Girls’ (the same song with different lyrics), the band relented and released the final version of the single, which would subsequently appear on Boxing Hefner.

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